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China manufacturer OEM/ODM Customize Hgw35 CNC Linear Guide Linear Guide Way35mm Rail with Stepper Motor vacuum pump oil

Product Description


Linear guide is consisted of rail, block, rolling elements, retainer, recirculator, end seal etc. By using the rolling elements, such as balls or rollers between the rail and block, the linear guide can achieve high precision linear motion.Linear guide block is divied to flange type and square type without flange.or Seal type block, Standard type block, Double bearing type block, Short type block. Also,linear block is divided to high load capacity with standard block lenth and ultra high load capacity with longer block length.


Catalogue of Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis.ways:

Structure of Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis.ways:
1.Rolling cycle system: slider, guide rail, end cover, steel ball, ball holder;
2.Lubrication system: oil nozzle and tubing joint;
3.Dust-proof system: oil scraper, negative dust seal dust-proof sheet, guide rail bolt cover, metal scrap

Advantages of Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis.ways:
1.Easy to install ,direct locking with screw and worktable;
2.Design of the ball arrange to upgrade weight bearing capacity;
3.Long life with high speed,high accuracy and linear motion;
4.High speed, low noise;
5.High rigidity ,multiple precision

Applicable Industries:
Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Retail, Printing Shops, Construction works , Advertising Company, Others.


Regular specifications as follows table:





























Kindly pls contact service, if you have any problem, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Application: Warehouse Crane, Shipboard Crane, Goods Yard Crane, Medical Equipment, Automation Equipment, Building
Material: Steel
Structure: CNC
US$ 10/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample

HG linear guide


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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

motor base

Where can individuals find reliable information about choosing, installing, and maintaining motor slide rails?

When seeking reliable information about choosing, installing, and maintaining motor slide rails, individuals can refer to various sources. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Manufacturer’s Documentation and Websites:

The manufacturer of the motor slide rails is often the best source of information. They provide detailed documentation, product catalogs, technical specifications, and installation guides specific to their motor slide rail products. Manufacturers’ websites are valuable resources, offering comprehensive information about their product range, features, and maintenance recommendations. Individuals can access datasheets, user manuals, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to gain insights into choosing the right motor slide rails and their proper installation and maintenance.

2. Industry Associations and Trade Organizations:

Industry associations and trade organizations related to the specific application or industry where motor slide rails are used can provide valuable information. These organizations often publish technical resources, guidelines, and best practices related to motor slide rails. They may also organize conferences, seminars, or webinars where individuals can learn about the latest developments in motor slide rail technology and maintenance techniques.

3. Online Forums and Communities:

Online forums and communities focused on engineering, industrial automation, or specific applications can be helpful sources of information. Platforms such as engineering discussion boards, Reddit communities, or specialized forums allow individuals to ask questions, share experiences, and seek advice from industry professionals, enthusiasts, and experts. Participating in these communities can provide valuable insights into the selection, installation, and maintenance of motor slide rails.

4. Technical Publications and Journals:

Technical publications and journals in the field of engineering, automation, or mechanical systems often feature articles, case studies, and research papers related to motor slide rails. These publications provide in-depth analysis, comparisons, and evaluations of different motor slide rail technologies, installation techniques, and maintenance practices. Scientific databases and online libraries can be searched for relevant publications in the form of articles, white papers, or conference proceedings.

5. Consulting with Experts and Suppliers:

Consulting with experts in the field, such as engineers, technicians, or consultants specializing in motor systems, can provide personalized guidance and recommendations. These professionals have practical experience and knowledge about motor slide rails and can offer insights into the selection, installation, and maintenance processes. Additionally, suppliers or distributors of motor slide rails may have technical support teams that can provide assistance and recommendations based on their expertise.

6. Training Courses and Workshops:

Training courses and workshops organized by manufacturers, industry associations, or educational institutions can provide structured learning opportunities. These programs cover topics such as motor slide rail selection, installation techniques, and maintenance best practices. Attending these training sessions allows individuals to acquire knowledge directly from industry experts and gain hands-on experience in working with motor slide rails.

In summary, individuals can find reliable information about choosing, installing, and maintaining motor slide rails through manufacturer’s documentation and websites, industry associations and trade organizations, online forums and communities, technical publications and journals, consulting with experts and suppliers, as well as training courses and workshops. By utilizing these diverse sources of information, individuals can make informed decisions and ensure the proper selection, installation, and maintenance of motor slide rails for their specific needs.

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Can motor slide rails accommodate various motor mounts and couplings?

Yes, motor slide rails are designed to accommodate various motor mounts and couplings. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Motor slide rails are versatile components that can be integrated into motor installations with different types of motor mounts and couplings. They are designed to provide a universal platform for mounting motors, allowing for flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of motor configurations.

1. Motor Mounting Options:

Motor slide rails are typically designed with multiple mounting options to accommodate different motor mounts. These mounting options can include slots, holes, or threaded inserts that allow for the attachment of various motor mounting brackets or plates. The flexibility in motor mounting options enables the use of different motor mount designs, such as foot mounts, flange mounts, or face mounts. Motor slide rails provide a secure and adjustable interface for connecting the motor mounts to the rail system.

2. Coupling Compatibility:

Motor slide rails can also accommodate various types of motor couplings. Motor couplings are used to connect the motor shaft to the driven equipment, such as a gearbox or a load-bearing mechanism. Different types of couplings, such as flexible couplings, rigid couplings, or torsionally flexible couplings, have specific dimensional requirements and attachment methods. Motor slide rails are designed to provide sufficient space and clearance for the installation of different types of motor couplings. They allow for easy integration of the coupling components, ensuring proper alignment and connection between the motor and the driven equipment.

3. Adjustable Mounting Positions:

One of the key advantages of motor slide rails is their adjustable mounting positions. They provide a range of positions along the rail where the motor can be secured. This adjustability allows for fine-tuning the motor position and aligning it with the driven equipment or other components in the system. The ability to adjust the motor position using the slide rails accommodates variations in motor mount dimensions and facilitates precise alignment of the motor and coupling.

4. Customization and Adaptability:

In some cases, motor slide rails can be customized or adapted to specific motor mount or coupling requirements. Manufacturers may offer options for modifying the dimensions, hole patterns, or attachment methods of the slide rails to suit unique motor mounting or coupling configurations. This customization ensures compatibility and ease of integration with specialized motor systems or applications.

Overall, motor slide rails are designed to be versatile and adaptable, allowing for the accommodation of various motor mounts and couplings. The multiple mounting options, compatibility with different coupling types, adjustable mounting positions, and potential for customization make motor slide rails a flexible solution for motor installations across a wide range of industries and applications.

In summary, motor slide rails are capable of accommodating various motor mounts and couplings. Their design incorporates multiple mounting options, compatibility with different coupling types, adjustable mounting positions, and potential for customization, ensuring versatility and compatibility with different motor configurations.

motor base

What is the purpose of motor slide rails in the context of electric motor installations?

In the context of electric motor installations, motor slide rails serve several important purposes. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Easy Motor Installation and Removal:

Motor slide rails provide a convenient and efficient method for installing and removing electric motors. These rails are typically mounted on a motor base or mounting platform and allow the motor to slide in and out smoothly. By using motor slide rails, the motor can be easily positioned and secured in place during installation, and later removed for maintenance or replacement without the need for complex disassembly.

2. Precise Motor Alignment:

Motor slide rails facilitate precise motor alignment with the driven equipment. They allow for horizontal adjustment, ensuring that the motor shaft is parallel and co-linear with the driven shaft. This alignment is crucial for optimal performance, minimizing energy losses, and reducing wear and tear on both the motor and the driven equipment. Motor slide rails offer the flexibility to make fine adjustments to achieve the desired alignment, resulting in improved efficiency and reliability.

3. Vibration Damping and Noise Reduction:

Motor slide rails help dampen vibrations generated by electric motors during operation. Vibrations can arise from factors such as motor imbalances, misalignment, or external forces. The use of slide rails with vibration-dampening properties or by incorporating additional vibration isolation mechanisms can reduce the transmission of vibrations to the surrounding structure. This dampening effect improves overall system performance, reduces noise levels, and protects other components from excessive vibrations.

4. Maintenance and Service Accessibility:

Motor slide rails provide easy access to the motor for maintenance and service tasks. By sliding the motor along the rails, technicians can quickly reach various motor components, such as bearings, cooling fans, or electrical connections, for inspection, lubrication, or repairs. This accessibility simplifies routine maintenance procedures, reduces downtime, and improves the overall serviceability of the motor.

5. Flexibility for Motor Positioning:

Motor slide rails offer flexibility in motor positioning within the installation. They allow for adjustments in the motor’s position, both horizontally and vertically, to accommodate specific space constraints or align with existing equipment. This flexibility is particularly beneficial when retrofitting motors into existing systems or when dealing with limited space. Motor slide rails enable customization of the motor’s position to optimize performance and ensure compatibility with the application requirements.

6. Load Distribution and Stability:

Motor slide rails contribute to load distribution and stability in electric motor installations. The rails help distribute the weight of the motor evenly across the mounting platform, preventing excessive stress on specific points. This load distribution improves the overall stability of the motor and reduces the risk of structural damage or misalignment caused by uneven weight distribution.

In summary, motor slide rails serve the purpose of facilitating easy motor installation and removal, enabling precise motor alignment, dampening vibrations, providing accessibility for maintenance and service tasks, offering flexibility in motor positioning, and contributing to load distribution and stability. By utilizing motor slide rails effectively, electric motor installations can achieve improved performance, reduced downtime, and enhanced overall reliability.

China manufacturer OEM/ODM Customize Hgw35 CNC Linear Guide Linear Guide Way35mm Rail with Stepper Motor   vacuum pump oil	China manufacturer OEM/ODM Customize Hgw35 CNC Linear Guide Linear Guide Way35mm Rail with Stepper Motor   vacuum pump oil
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China manufacturer Linear Stage Actuator Slide Guide Rail Module CNC Ball Screw Xy Motion Table NEMA 11 Stepper Motor Heavy Load Router vacuum pump

Product Description

NEMA11 stepper motor electric dc motor for 3d printer
General Specification:

Item Specifications
Step Angle 1.8°
Temperature Rise 80ºCmax
Ambient Temperature -20ºC~+50ºC
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ Min. ,500VDC
Dielectric Strength 500VAC for 1minute 
Shaft Radial Play 0.02Max. (450g-load)
Shaft Axial Play 0.08Max. (450g-load)
Max. radial force 28N (20mm from the flange)
Max. axial force 10N

Products of special request can be made according to the customer request !

Our Company offers 3 major series of products:Hybrid Stepper motors, Brushless Dc motor and Dc Brush motor.
We are always continues develop new type models.If you need other kinds of parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Amy Gao



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Application: Universal, Industrial, Household Appliances, Car, Power Tools
Operating Speed: Adjust Speed
Excitation Mode: Compound
Function: Run
Casing Protection: Protection Type
Number of Poles: 8
US$ 25/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




motor base

Are motor slide rails suitable for use with both AC and DC electric motors?

Yes, motor slide rails are suitable for use with both AC and DC electric motors. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Motor slide rails are mechanical components designed to support and guide the movement of motors in various applications. They are typically used to facilitate linear motion, allowing motors to be positioned or moved along a defined path. The compatibility of motor slide rails with AC and DC electric motors is primarily determined by the mechanical specifications and requirements of the specific motor and application.

The fundamental function of motor slide rails is to provide a stable and controlled movement mechanism for motors. This function is independent of the type of electric motor used, whether it is an AC motor or a DC motor. The key considerations when using motor slide rails with electric motors are related to the mechanical aspects rather than the electrical characteristics of the motors.

When selecting motor slide rails for use with electric motors, several factors need to be considered:

1. Load Capacity and Size:

The motor slide rails should be chosen based on the load capacity and size requirements of the electric motor. The rails should be able to support the weight of the motor and any additional loads. It is important to consider the size and dimensions of both the motor and the slide rails to ensure proper fit and compatibility.

2. Mounting and Integration:

The mounting and integration of the motor slide rails with the electric motor should be carefully evaluated. The slide rails should be compatible with the motor mounting brackets or any other components involved in the motor installation. Proper alignment and secure attachment of the motor to the slide rails are essential for safe and reliable operation.

3. Environmental Considerations:

The operating environment and conditions should also be taken into account when selecting motor slide rails for use with electric motors. Factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, or exposure to chemicals may affect the materials and performance of the slide rails. It is important to choose slide rails that are suitable for the specific environmental conditions in which the motor will operate.

Overall, motor slide rails can be used with both AC and DC electric motors as long as the mechanical specifications and requirements of the motors are taken into consideration. The compatibility of the slide rails with the electric motors is primarily determined by factors such as load capacity, size, mounting, integration, and environmental considerations. By selecting appropriate slide rails and ensuring proper installation, users can effectively utilize motor slide rails with both AC and DC electric motors in various applications.

motor base

Can motor slide rails contribute to reducing vibrations and noise associated with motor operation?

Yes, motor slide rails can contribute to reducing vibrations and noise associated with motor operation. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Motor slide rails play a role in minimizing vibrations and noise by providing stability, dampening vibrations, and reducing mechanical resonance. Here are the ways in which motor slide rails can help in reducing vibrations and noise:

1. Stability and Rigidity:

Motor slide rails offer a stable and rigid platform for mounting the motor. The rigid structure helps in minimizing vibrations by providing a secure and immobile base for the motor. It prevents excessive movement or oscillation of the motor, reducing the generation of vibrations that can propagate through the system and cause noise.

2. Vibration Dampening:

Motor slide rails can incorporate features or materials that help dampen vibrations. They can be designed with vibration-absorbing materials, such as rubber or elastomers, integrated into the rail system. These materials absorb and dissipate vibrations, reducing their transmission to other components and minimizing the associated noise.

3. Shock Absorption:

Some motor slide rails are equipped with shock-absorbing mechanisms or dampers. These mechanisms are designed to absorb sudden shocks or impacts that may occur during motor operation. By absorbing shocks, the slide rails help reduce the vibrations that can be generated from such events, thereby reducing noise levels.

4. Vibration Isolation:

In applications where vibrations from the motor can adversely affect sensitive components or nearby equipment, motor slide rails can be used for vibration isolation. Vibration isolation mounts or pads can be integrated between the motor slide rails and the mounting surface. These mounts are designed to absorb and isolate vibrations, preventing their transmission to the surrounding environment and minimizing noise generation.

5. Resonance Reduction:

Motor slide rails can help mitigate mechanical resonance, which is a phenomenon that can amplify vibrations and noise. Resonance occurs when the natural frequency of the motor or the system matches the excitation frequency, resulting in increased vibrations. By providing a rigid and well-supported mounting platform, motor slide rails can help shift the natural frequencies away from the excitation frequencies, reducing the likelihood of resonance and minimizing the associated noise.

6. Vibration Analysis and Optimization:

Motor slide rails can be used in conjunction with vibration analysis and optimization techniques to further reduce vibrations and noise. By monitoring and analyzing the vibration characteristics of the motor system, adjustments can be made to the mounting position, alignment, or other parameters to minimize vibrations. Motor slide rails with adjustable features and fine-tuning mechanisms allow for precise positioning and alignment, facilitating the optimization process.

Overall, while motor slide rails alone may not completely eliminate vibrations and noise associated with motor operation, they can significantly contribute to reducing their impact. The stability and rigidity provided by the slide rails, along with vibration dampening features, shock absorption, vibration isolation, and resonance reduction capabilities, help in minimizing vibrations and noise propagation. Combined with vibration analysis and optimization techniques, motor slide rails can help achieve a quieter and more vibration-free motor operation.

In summary, motor slide rails can contribute to reducing vibrations and noise associated with motor operation through stability, vibration dampening features, shock absorption, vibration isolation, resonance reduction, and their compatibility with vibration analysis and optimization techniques.

motor base

Can motor slide rails be used for both horizontal and vertical motor installations?

Yes, motor slide rails can be used for both horizontal and vertical motor installations. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Motor slide rails are versatile components that provide flexibility in motor positioning and alignment. They are designed to accommodate various installation orientations, including both horizontal and vertical configurations. The adaptability of motor slide rails allows them to be used in different orientations to suit the specific requirements of the motor and application.

Horizontal Motor Installations:

In horizontal motor installations, the motor slide rails are typically mounted on a base or mounting platform. The motor is then positioned on the rails and secured in place. Horizontal motor installations are commonly used in applications where the motor shaft needs to be parallel and co-linear with the driven equipment. The motor slide rails facilitate precise alignment, allowing for horizontal adjustability to achieve the desired alignment. Horizontal motor installations are prevalent in many industrial and commercial applications.

Vertical Motor Installations:

In vertical motor installations, the motor slide rails are used to support and position the motor vertically. The rails are mounted vertically on a base or mounting structure, and the motor is slid into position along the rails. Vertical motor installations are typically employed in applications where space is limited, and it is more practical or efficient to position the motor vertically. Vertical motor installations are common in situations such as pump systems, hoists, or machinery where a compact footprint is desired.

Motor slide rails designed for vertical installations may have additional features to ensure the motor’s stability and secure placement. These features can include locking mechanisms, anti-vibration pads, or other components to prevent the motor from shifting or rotating while in operation.

Whether used for horizontal or vertical motor installations, motor slide rails offer several benefits. They allow for easy motor installation and removal, precise alignment, vibration damping, maintenance accessibility, and flexibility in motor positioning. Their versatility in accommodating different installation orientations makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, providing the necessary adaptability to meet specific motor and system requirements.

In summary, motor slide rails can be used for both horizontal and vertical motor installations. They are designed to provide flexibility and ease of use in positioning and aligning motors, regardless of the installation orientation. The choice between horizontal and vertical installation depends on the specific application, space constraints, and the desired alignment and performance objectives.

China manufacturer Linear Stage Actuator Slide Guide Rail Module CNC Ball Screw Xy Motion Table NEMA 11 Stepper Motor Heavy Load Router   vacuum pump	China manufacturer Linear Stage Actuator Slide Guide Rail Module CNC Ball Screw Xy Motion Table NEMA 11 Stepper Motor Heavy Load Router   vacuum pump
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Automatic Gantry Robot Linear Modules Slide Xyz Axis Multiaxial Rail Motion Guide Actuator Kk8610 Ball Screw Motor Robo near me tic supplier Table

Product Description

60mm Width Single-axis Robotic Arm 100mm-3900mm Stroke CZPT Motion Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Ball CZPT Type CZPT Module
KKR Series Single Axis Robot (industrial robot) modularizes both ballscrew and guideway to achieve better performance on accuracy, stiffness, raipd installation, and space saving. With the block of KKR driven by ballscrew and sliding on the optimized U-rail, greater stiffness and high accuracy are therefore performed.

Feature : 
Easy installation and maintenance
Small size and light weight
High rigidity 
Customized designs CZPT for different application
Easy transformation into a multi-axid robot

Application : 
Automatic soldering system
Screw feeding machine
CCD lens shifting
Packaging CZPT
Self adhesive labeling machine
Conveying Equipment

item value
Condition New
Warranty 6 months
Applicable Industries 1. CZPT Industry & Semiconductor
2. Inspection & Testing & Assembly equipment
3. Optical & CZPT high positional equipment
Brand Name HIWIN, PMI, LZC
Product name Automatic Gantry Robot CZPT Modules Slide XYZ Axis Multiaxial Rail Motion Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Actuator KK8610 Ball CZPT CZPT Robotic Table

Linear Module
Our company


2 Axis Ball Screw Linear Slide Sy Cost stem Line wholesaler ar Industrial Robot Guide with Stepper Motor

Product Description

Product Description

Multi-axis CZPT Motion System:
The multi-axis linear module has strong versatility, which can upgrade the linear motion to a planar or curved motion, greatly improving the convenience of use and reducing the CZPT er’s assembly cost. We supply sizes from 40mm to 120mm width (SW40, SW60, SW80, SW120.). And CZPT structures can be CZPT ized, such as the 3- axis gantry, cantilever type, and 2-axis xy polar coordinate structure.

Optional Accessories:
Power supply, drive, limit switch, controller, connection board, drag chain, brake and CZPT – brake are CZPT .

Product Parameters

Position Accuracy: ±0.02mm
Ball CZPT Diameter (mm) φ16
Ball CZPT Stroke  (mm) 10
Max Horizontal Loadings  (kg) 40
Max Vertical Loading  (kg) 20
No-load CZPT   (mm/s) 220
Max Horizontal Full CZPT (mm/s) 210
Max Vertical Full CZPT (mm/s) 60
Rated Acceleration   (mm/s2) 500
Maximum thrust          (N.m) 452
Dynamic Permissible Torque MA=45 MB=35 MC=35

Detailed Photos

Company Profile

ZheJiang UMot CZPT nology Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and sales of stepper motors, servo motors, linear modules and related motion control products, CZPT izing and designing high-quality motor products for users with special needs around the world, and providing overall solutions for motion control systems. Products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions including the CZPT States, Germany, France, CZPT , Russia, and Switzerland. The company’s main products and system design have been widely used in automation control, precision instruments, medical equipment, smart home, 3D printing and many other fields.
Our company has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise by relevant departments, has a complete quality management system, has obtained ISO9001, CE, RoHs and other related certifications, and holds a number of electrical patent certificates. “Concentration, Professionalism, Concentration” in the field of automation of motor R&D and system control solutions is the company’s business purpose. “Be your most CZPT ed partner” is the company’s service philosophy. We have always been aiming to “make first-class products with professional technology”, keep pace with the times, innovate constantly, and provide more users with better products and services.


1. CZPT method:
1)International Express delivery DHL&FEDEX &UPS&TNT& 7-10days
2)Shipping by air 7-10 days
3)shipping by sea, delivery time depends on the destination port.

2. CZPT nical Support:
We can provide you with professional technical support. And CZPT products quality guarantee is 6 months. Also, we accept products CZPT ized.

3. Why should you buy from us, not from other suppliers?
Professional one-to-one motor CZPT ized. The world’s large enterprise of choice for high-quality suppliers. ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, through the CE, ROHS certification.

4. How to select models?
Before purchasing, please contact us to confirm model No. and specifications to avoid any misunderstanding.

5. Are you a factory?
Yes, we are a factory, and we produce stepper motor/driver, Servo motor/driver.

28mm factory Stepper Motor Ball Screw Sliding Table Module Sliding Table CNC Linear Guide Rai sales l Linear Slide Rail

Product Description


Model No. Step CZPT le Motor Length Current
Holding Torque # of CZPT s Rotor Inertia Motor
( °) (L)mm A Ω mH g.cm No.



JK28HS32-0674 1.8 32 0.67 5.6 3.4 600 4 9 0.11
JK28HS32-0956 1.8 32 0.95 2.8 0.8 430 6 9 0.11
JK28HS45-0956 1.8 45 0.95 3.4 1.2 750 6 12 0.14
JK28HS45-0674 1.8 45 0.67 6.8 4.9 950 4 12 0.14
JK28HS51-0956 1.8 51 0.95 4.6 1.8 900 6 18 0.2
JK28HS51-0674 1.8 51 0.67 9.2 7.2 1200 4 18 0.2




60mm Aluminal P Cost rofiles Single Axis Linear Slide Module with Ball Screw Coupling NEMA24 Stepper Custom Motor

Product Description


               60mm 2phase ball screw slide module cnc machine

General Specification:

Step CZPT le  Accuracy: ±5%
Resistance Accuracy: ±10%
Inductance Accuracy: ±20%
Temperature Rise: 80°C CZPT
Ambient Temperature: -20°C~+50°C
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ Min., 500VDC
Dielectric CZPT :  500VAC for one minute
Shaft Radial Play:  0.02Max (450g-load)
Shaft Axial Play: 0.08Max (450g-load)


Model No.   Motor Length Current
Holding Torque # of CZPT s Detent Torque Rotor Inertia Mass
  (L)mm A Ω mH N.m No. g.cm g.cm Kg
JK60HS56-2008 unipolar 56 2 1.8 3. 1.17 8 700 300 0.77
parallel 2.8 0.9 3.6 1.65
Series 1.4 3.6 14.4 1.65
JK60HS67-2008 unipolar 67 2 2.4 4.6 1.5 8 900 570 1.2
parallel 2.8 1.2 4.6 2.1
Series 1.4 4.8 18.4 2.1
JK60HS88-2008 unipolar 88 2 3 6.8 2.2 8 1000 840 1.4
parallel 2.8 1.5 6.8 3.1
Series 1.4 6 27.2 3.1
JK60HS100-2008 unipolar 100 2 3.2 6.4 2.8 8 1100 980 1.7
parallel 2.8 1.6 6.4 4.0
Series 1.4 6.4 25.6 4.0
JK60HS111-2008 unipolar 111 2.0 4.4 8.3 3.2 8 1200 1120 1.9
parallel 2.8 2.2 8.3 4.5
Series 1.4 8.8 33.2 4.5



Precision Xy Motor near me ized Linear Actuator Linear best Motion Modules

Product Description

Precision Xy CZPT ized CZPT Actuator CZPT Motion Modules

1. CZPT matic controlling machine
2. Semi-conductor industry
3. General industry machinery
4. CZPT equipment
5. Solar energy equipment
6. CZPT tool
7. Parking system
8. CZPT -speed rail and aviation transportation equipment, etc.

Brand TOCO
Model KM ,KK,
Size CZPT ize KM26,KM30,KM33,KM45,KM46,KM55,KM65
HS CODE 90019 0571 0,9571 0571 0 
Items packing Plastic bag+Cartons Or CZPT Packing
Payment terms T/T , CZPT ern CZPT
Production lead time 15 business days for sample , 35 days for the bulk
Samples Sample price  range from $100to $500.
sample express request pay by clients
Application 1. CZPT matic controlling machine
2. Semi-conductor industry
3. General industry machinery
4. CZPT equipment
5. Solar energy equipment
6. CZPT tool
7. Parking system
8. CZPT -speed rail and aviation transportation equipment, etc.

Our service:
1. Help CZPT er to choose correct model, with CAD & PDF drawing for your reference.
2. Professional sales team, make your purchase smooth.
3. During warranty period, any quality problem of CZPT product, once confirmed, we will send a new
one to replace.

Company information:
HangZhou CZPT Transmission CZPT ry Co., Ltd, is a specialized manufacturer in linear motion products
in CZPT , which was established in 1999. Based on the strong technical strength, outstanding quality and
high capacity, we have a good reputation both in CZPT and abroad, and now we have many CZPT ers all
over the world. Our main products are ball screw, ball spline, linear guide, linear bearing, mono stage,
machine tool spindle, ball screw support unit and locknut. You may find more information on CZPT website
at www.toco.tw.
Package & CZPT :
1.Package: Carton or wooden case
2.Delivery time: 15 days after receiving the deposit
3.Shipping: by express (DHL, TNT, FedEx, etc.) or by sea

1. Service :
a. Help CZPT er to choose correct model
b. Professional sales team, make your purchase smooth.
2.payment :
Sample order: We require 100% T/T in CZPT . sample express need request pay by clients
Bulk order: 30% T/T in CZPT , balance by T/T against copy of B/L.
T/T,Paypal, CZPT ern CZPT is acceptable.
3.Delievery :
sample: 5-10 business days after payment confirmed.
Bulk order :10-20 workdays after  deposit received .
4. Guarantee time
TOCO provides one year quality guarantee for the products from your purchase date, except the artificial damage.
5.After sale-service
During warranty period, any quality problem of CZPT product, once confirmed, we will send a new one to replace.

Eg Series Linear Guide 3D Printer Stepper Motor Used Hiwin Linear Guide Egw25SA Egw 15SA Egw 15ca Egw2 factory 0 SA Egw20 Ca Linear Guide supplier Rail Slider

Product Description

Product Description

Linear guides are mainly composed of sliders and guides, and the sliders are mainly used for sliding friction guides. CZPT guides are also called linear guides, slides, linear guides, and linear slides. They are used for linear reciprocating motion, and can bear a certain torque, and can achieve high-precision linear motion under high load.

The product selection:

HG series: grinding machine, milling machine, lathe, drilling machine, integrated processing machine, discharge processing machine, honing machine

, line cutting machine, precision measuring instrument, woodworking machine, handling machine, transporting device.

EG series: industrial automation machine, semiconductor machinery, laser engraving machine, packaging machine.

MGN/MGW series: printer, robot arm, electronic instrument equipment, semiconductor equipment.

RG series: CNC machine, heavy chip machine, CNC grinder, injection molding machine, discharge machine, wire cutting machine, large gantry machine.

Q1 series: suitable for high-speed, quiet and low dust demand of the electronic industry.


Product Name

Linear Motion Block CZPT Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Rail Slide 








100% Interchangeable 

Types of block


Length of linear guide rail

100mm-4000mm,any length will be CZPT


Plasma cutting machinery

Detailed Photos




Product Parameters



Packaging & CZPT

Company Profile

Our Advantages

Our Advantages:
1. World-Class CZPT : We provide CZPT CZPT ers with all types of indigenous bearing with world-class quality.
2. OEM or CZPT -Stand CZPT s: Any requirement for CZPT standard bearings is Easily Fulfilled by us due to its vast knowledge
    and links in the industry.
3. Genuine products With Excellent Quality: The company has always proved the 100% quality products it provides with genuine intent.
4. After Sales Service and CZPT nical Assistance: The company provides after-sales service and technical assistance as per the
    CZPT er’s requirements and needs.
5. Quick Delivery: The company provides just-in-time delivery with its streamlined supply chain. 

1. Samples quantity: 1-10 PCS are CZPT . 
2. Free samples: It depends on the Model No., material and quantity. Some of the bearings samples need client to
    pay samples charge and shipping cost. 
3. It’s better to start your order with CZPT Assurance to get full protection for your samples order. 

The CZPT ized LOGO or drawing is acceptable for us. 

1. MOQ: 10 PCS standard bearings. 
2. MOQ: 1000 PCS CZPT ized your brand bearings. 

1. We can printing your brand (logo, artwork)on the shield or laser engraving your brand on the shield. 
2. We can CZPT your packaging according to your design
3. All copyright own by clients and we promised don’t disclose any info.


1.What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
    Can be negotiated, we will try CZPT best to meet CZPT er needs.Our company is mainly based
    on wholesale sales,most CZPT ers’orders are more than 1 ton.
2.What is your latest delivery time?
    Most orders will be shipped within 7-15 days of payment being received.
3.Does your company have quality assurance?
    Yes, for 1 years.
4.What is the competitiveness of your company’s products compared to other companies?
    CZPT precision, high speed, low noise.
5.What are the advantages of your company’s services compared to other companies?
    Answer questions online 24 hours a day, reply in a timely manner, and provide CZPT documents
    required by CZPT ers for CZPT s clearance or sales. 100% after-sales service.
6.Which payment method does your company support?
    Do CZPT best to meet CZPT er needs, negotiable.
7.How to contact us quickly?
    Please send us an inquiry or message and leave your other contact information, such as phone number,
     account or account, we will contact you as soon as possible and provide
    the detailed information you need.
       Please feel free to contact us, if you have any other question

Steel Rail Europe Belt Driving Full Closed Linear Modul near me e with PLC Control System and Servo Motor 750 W factory att

Product Description

Steel Rail CZPT pe Belt Driving Full Closed CZPT Module with PLC Control System and Servo CZPT 750 Watt

Quality Control
1. ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.
2. Self design and process hardware parts, ultra accuracy control and low defective rate.
3. Self built large factory buildings equipped with totally new assembly lines, control production time accurate to hours. 
4. Large scale lab room with professional machine testing system, well trained staff 360-degree inspection each machine before shipping.

Product Keywords

Easy to Equipped Good Price Quality Ratio Energy Saving

Customizable Main Specifications:
1. Module Install CZPT (eg. [  ]Horizontal or [  ]Vertical or [  ]Other)
2. Effective Stroke (eg. 1250 mm)
3. CZPT Requirement (eg. 500 mm/s)
4. Payload Requirement (eg. 100 kg)
5. Accuracy Class (eg. ± 0.01 mm)
6. Workpiece Moment (eg. 500 mm)
7. Working CZPT (eg. [  ]Standard CZPT or [  ]Dust-free Room)
8. Installation CZPT Size (eg. [  ]OK or [  ]Interference)
9. Servo CZPT Brand and Model No. (eg. CZPT MHMD042G1U)
10. Application Field (eg. CZPT Cutting CZPT )

Industrial CZPT mation Application Cases (Single Axis & Multi Axises)

Multi-working Assembly Line Workpiece Pick & Place & Assembly
Assembly Line CZPT s Sorting (eg. CZPT tics & Storage System )
Assembly Line Spray Coating and CZPT (eg. CZPT mative, Solar Panel, Mask & CZPT )
Storage System Barcode ScHangZhou
High CZPT Plug-in CZPT (eg. PCB Circuit Board )
Laser Cutting (eg. Fiber, CZPT , CZPT , Acrylic, Marble )
Laser Dispensing (eg. LCD )
Precision Component Parts Processing (eg. Sheet CZPT , CZPT Profile, CZPT )
CCD Visual Inspection (eg. Semi-conductor, PCB, Lens, LCD, LED, PDP )

Products & Workshop & Staff Pictures

1. Q: Your products looks nice, can I get a full product catalog with specification for study?
A: Yes, send your inquiry to TIAYO sales team.

2. Q: Can you tell me what is your company main business?
A: We mainly design and produce linear modules/actuators/motors by self, then provide CZPT and export service for overseas clients.

3. Q: Which CZPT enterprise use your machines?
A: In CZPT domestic, include BYD, Foxconn, LENS CZPT nology and CZPT /Apple/OPPO/VIVO etc. supply chain manufacturers are CZPT key account.

4. Q: If so, is it possible get sample machines before trial order?
A: Yes, mail your request details to TIAYO sales team, we can modify the 3D drawing, prepare one or pair of CZPT ized sample meet your special needs.

5. Q: CZPT , how CZPT is your lead-time?
A: 7 working days for sample prepare, 10-15 working days for large quantity order production. (Confirm each bill of international payment need extra 3 working days)

6. Q: Sounds good, how CZPT is the warranty period of your machines?
A: 12-months warranty is provided for CZPT linear modules/actuators/motors, strictly based on sales contract.

7. Q: Wow, I want to do business with your company, what kind of payment terms?
A: Sample order, trial order, repeat order, we accept T/T payment, 30% deposit when signing contract, rest amount pay before shipping. (L/C payment only CZPT for designated countries’ client)

8. Q: What is the best shipment way for your products?
A: For sample machines, the best delivery way is through airplane transport(or land transport), takes one week transfer to destination airport, for large quantity goods, the best shipping way is via ocean ship(or land transport), takes one month to destination port, FOB HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, ZheJiang or other main port in CZPT . 

Self Introduction
Chuck Chen, international sales manager of TIAYO, speak English and Japanese, 8 years export sales experiences in HangZhou, manage overseas CZPT project and channel sales agent. Well known CZPT Asia market, CZPT pean market, North CZPT ican market and Latin CZPT ican market, exported cargo to Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Russian Federation, CZPT , Spain, Turkey, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, South Africa, South Sudan, Algeria, Morocco.

Pre sales service and after sales service are free, click to contact.

Linear Motor Ho manufacturer sizontal Linear Slide Stage for La factory ser Cutting Machine

Product Description

Linear CZPT Hosizontal CZPT Slide Stage for CZPT Cutting CZPT

TIAYO  TMZ CZPT ized CZPT Module Series
Compared with belt or ball screw drive linear module, we called linear motor “Zero Transmition” because it’s driven directly by a servo motor. Since there  are no intermediate rotation accessories, the energy loss during mechanical friction is eliminated and transmission efficiency is greatly improved. CZPT motor can achieve high speed in an instant when starting even under high repeat accuracy 0.002mm condition. Because of its special advantage, the stroke can be extended indefinitely. So it is widely used in CZPT high precision industries. We believe linear motor will be a new tendency in automation machine industry, making more CZPT ful in future.

Range of application: 

It can be used in combination with single or multiple axes. It is easy to match the required workpieces in CZPT industries and it becomes a simple and practical mechanical arm. It is mainly used in different fields such as electronics and medical equipment,  film, Depreciation, IC printing, CCD on-line inspection, precise positioning detection of soldering automation equipment, laser plus(laser cutting/laser marking/laser engraving/laser drilling,etc.) precision assembly, precision machine tools, semiconductor production equipment, location detection, electronic production equipment , and 3D printing equipment and other fields.

Our Service
1. Our products use high-quality materials and adopt mature processing methods.
2. The products of each series are very rich. If you don’t see them on the page, please contact CZPT er service.
3. Our products provides 1 years warranty. 
4. We can accept CZPT ized processing only if you provide drawings.
5. Our quotation is ex-factory unit price. Freight needs to be borne by you. Please consult the freight.
6. Under normal circumstances, the goods will be delivered within 20 days.
7. Our company always listens to your suggestions, if your opinions are favorable.

Our  Company & Team
Tiayo is a CZPT -based company specializing in the R&D, production, marketing, project consultancy of linear module in the automation industry, which was established since 2007. We are located in HangZhou city, with convenient transportation access.  Our product series include but not limited to ball screw driven linear module,
belt driven linear module, linear motor, XY stage, XYZ stage and so on. All of them comply with international
quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. 

Our Factory
Quality control from material source and we accept CZPT service. if you want to CZPT ize product, contact us freely and send me your requirement. We will CZPT ize for you.

Our Exhibition
Tiayo aims to be linear transmission,pneumatic components & vacuum components provider,meanwile we are a linear module manufacturer. We hope to provide a full solution for automation industry to make CZPT ful future. 

1. Why choose us?
a: With background over 10 years
b.Strict Inspection ,and the best quality price with reasonable price bearings provided .
c.OEM service provided.
d. Delivery products from CZPT factory warehouse , delivery time is short .
e. After sale service at any time .

2. Should I worry about the quality?
We  import ISO9001 quality management processes,with 3D testing equipments to make sure accuracy.We also cooperate with Japanese company building up a strict quality control system.All CZPT modules were 100% inspected before leaving factory.

3. How do I pay?
My friend, there are many ways. T/T(we prefer this one), CZPT ern CZPT , L/C, choose your favorite one.

4. How’s after-sale service?
If, unfortunatly, you received defective goods, dont worry, contact me freely. Believe us, it will be a happy ending.We have a  perfect  after-sale system.