Disc Type Compound Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Disc Type Compound Fertilizer Granulating Machine

one. Disc Sort Compound Fertilizer Granulating Equipment  – Product Software

Disc Pelletizer is the principal equipment to make the powder kind content into ball, largely used in the cement sector, steel sector and compounded fertilize market it has the several positive aspects this sort of as: ball as even, simple control water in ball, substantial ball power, and the structure is basic, conveniently manage, small energy depletion, revolve steady, and so forth.
It is 1 of common equipments in compound fertilizer industry. CZPTly, it is relevant to smaller scale fertilizer production of medium and low concentration. The slope diploma of its pan can be adjusted from 35 to 55°.The devices has the benefits of high granulating fee, homogeneous grain, substantial strength, straightforward to function, convenient upkeep

two. Disc variety compound fertilizer granulating equipment – doing work theory

 It is one particular of typical equipments in compound fertilizer business. CZPTly, it is relevant to more compact scale fertilizer manufacturing of medium and reduced concentration. The slope diploma of its pan can be modified from 35°to 55°.The pan revolves at a particular angle with the horizontal airplane driven by the motor by way of reducer. The powder will increase alongside with the revolving pan under the friction amongst the powder and the pan, on the other hand, the powder will fall down under the operate of its gravity. At the exact same time, the powder is to the pan edge simply because of the centrifugal pressure. The powder materials rolls in a certain trace below the purpose of these a few forces. It steadily becomes the needed dimensions, and then overflows by the pan edge. It has the benefits of higher granulating price, homogeneous grain, high toughness, effortless to operate, hassle-free servicing.

 3. Disc sort compound fertilizer granulating device-  Main Functions

(1) disc Pelletizer making use of the overall arc structure, granulation price of up to ninety three or a lot more.

(2) granulation plate with a few discharge mouth, straightforward to intermittent manufacturing operations, tremendously minimize labor intensity, boost labor effectiveness.

(3) reducer and motor with adaptable belt push, starting up smooth, sluggish down the effect, improve products life.

(4) granulation disk bottom with a variety of radiation plate to strengthen, durable, in no way deformation. Thicker, heavier, rugged base design, no anchor bolts mounted, clean operation.

(5) disc Pelletizer  for the volumetric metering of the feeding equipment, it can even and continuously feed the materials to the following procedure, and can stand up to a larger pressure.
(6) Vast assortment of apps, as a fantastic materials feeding products, appropriate for conveying powder, material or small parts of a variety of non-adhere materials, such as coal, cement, clinker, limestone, shale, clay These kinds of as powder, granular or small pieces of material. Can be commonly utilized in the election of gold, coal and chemical vegetation, infrastructure and mechanized casting workshop for continuous uniform, quantitative feeding and ingredients employed.

4.Our service

(one) Installation and direction
When the equipment arrives at your company, we will dispatch our technicians to your business to information the set up and commissioning at web site. Person need to spend for the adhering to expenses air tickets, boarding and lodging and targeted traffic in client’s manufacturing unit.

(two)CZPT coaching
We provide free of charge specialized education support to your things. Coaching material is made up of the major perform basic principle of equipment, operating laws, upkeep methods and actions, safety, and so forth.

3 ensures of our product good quality, warranty for one calendar year (not contain male-produced ruined). We will preserve the device for cost-free for the good quality dilemma. If the hurt is triggered by your improperly operation, the price of the routine maintenance stress by you. we also provide you the  daily life-extended adhere to-up service.

five. Disc kind compound fertilizer granulating equipment- CZPT Parameters

Our manufacturing unit makes different varieties of roller grinder and can be utilised to refer to the model you need dependent on the desk information

Model (mm)
1800 2200 2600 2800 3200 3600 4200
Rotate speed (r/min)
19 14 12 12 12 nine seven
45 35-fifty five 35-fifty five 35-55 35-fifty five 35-fifty five 35-55
Capacity (t/h)
three 8 twelve sixteen 18 18-22 33
Power (kw)
5.five seven.five eleven 11 eleven 15 18.five
Weight (kg)
2240 3150 4910 5660 6520 7120 967

6. our copmany

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Disc Type Compound Fertilizer Granulating Machine