CNC Origin Industries near me shop OEM ODM Steel Printing Mini Linear Motion Guide Rail Module Vert sales ical Sliding Rail

Product Description

CNC Origin Industries CZPT ODM Steel CZPT Mini CZPT motion Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. rail module vertical sliding rail   

ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Equipment CZPT nology Co,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrated with production, R & D and sales for more than 10 years in CZPT . We supply high precision hollow rotary actuator, harmonic drive gearboxes, high precision planetary gearboxes, 90 degree gearboxes ( for servo motors and stepper motors), right angle hollow reducer, high precision alignment platform, etc.


Besides of providing of the wide range of standard speed reducers, CZPT ized service is also CZPT for motion control solutions and mechanical transmission solutions for CZPT ers all over the world for lithium battery industry, robot industry, mobile phone industry, printing industry, laser industry, medical industry, etc. The product served for the equipment of logo printing, CNC machine tools, packaging and printing program, welding and cutting, laser cutting machines, woodworking engraving machines, full servo paper tissue machineries, precision concave-convex printing machines, precision coating machines, servo pipe benders, digital control spring machine, and other equipment with high degree of automation.


ZheJiang  Saini CZPT Equipment owns the brand G+, named GIGAGER.  


Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing CZPT ers with high quality and high performance products, and constantly introducing high-end well known brands at home and abroad to meet the demand of automation industry in CZPT . Through continuous efforts and development, SaiNi sales network has been set up all over CZPT , now, we are making efforts on developing overseas sales network around the globe. You are welcomed to join us to be a distributor in your local market. We can offer you full support from pricing, catalogue and technical support, etc. If we cooperate in depth, we are willing to bear part of the cost if you promote CZPT speed reducers in the local market, such as attending the exhibition.