Dry Powder Press Machine for Making Tablet

Dry Powder Press Machine for Making Tablet

Rotary pill device have ZP-five, ZP-7, ZP-9 and other designs, in line with GMP requirements, tableting chamber fully individual transmission mechanism, and material get in touch with parts are produced of stainless metal or unique area therapy, non-toxic corrosion-resistant, compression chamber with a clear plexiglass shut to prevent contamination. The whole floor is smooth, simple to handle. Perform rotary tableting was compressed into tablets (the pressure inside the device range), and the amount of powder that contains (100 mesh or a lot more) of not far more than ten% suppression of granular materials, suitable for urgent round tablets of 4 to twelve mm . Modest rotary tablet machine is based on the generation of computerized rotation ongoing tablet pill press device miniaturization, it is largely utilised to study the method of the pharmaceutical, chemical, meals, electronics and other industrial sectors, to validate no matter whether the pressing granular uncooked materials into important tablet device.
Tableting technologies:

If the drug tablets have the following properties:

one, with a certain degree of mobility
two, has a specific viscosity
3, do not paste the punch and die ring (powder dry)
4, the scenario human body fluids fast disintegration, dissolution, absorption and efficacy have generated outstanding tablets can be prepared.
Pill push machine theory and structure

1 turret structure: the turntable is the principal piece of the equipment to perform the function. Upper and decrease bearing assemblies, spindle, turntable and other key elements of composition. Evenly dispersed all around the turntable on the pair dies, among the turntable and the spindle torque transmitted from the flat essential. Spindle supported on bearings, spline linked by a worm equipment travel, rotating spindle, rotating the turntable perform.

2, monitor mechanism: track has a concave cylindrical cam and flat wheel and decrease rails consisting of a prime and bottom punch observe rod motion. Rushed from the rails on the observe, on the red downward track, on a parallel monitor rushed, rushed down on parallel tracks and other rail stress block orbitals. They are secured to the upper rail plate. Below track rail line by the rushed, rushed down the rail line and filling unstable parts. They are mounted on the reduce rail seat.

3, filling adjustment implies: filling adjustment for changing the fat of the pill. Filling the adjustment system inside the primary physique of the apparatus, a aircraft on the entire body can be noticed crescents filling rail, which is composed of the motion of the helical raised or lowered to handle the filling volume, when the disc is rotated adjustment, minimizing the sum of filling clockwise, and vice versa in addition Big.

four, sheet thickness (force) regulator: down underneath the stress wheel by changing slice thickness adjustment (force). Underneath force wheel mounted on the tank physique, it sets the eccentric shaft is linked to the outer finish of the hand wheel, when the external hand wheel adjustment, eccentric shaft pushed compression wheel up or down, the flap thickness (stress), thus control pill thickness and hardness. Pressure on the wheel up and down adjustment can also be used as adjusting indicates, but in basic is not adjusted.

5, transmission: transmission gearbox is portion of the machine is made up of motor, timing belt pulleys and worm gears, wheels and other components test driver. Motor mounted on the base plate of the motor foundation, after the motor begins, by a pair of timing belt to transfer energy to the worm gear reducer net. Motor pace is modified by the variable pace AC frequency. Open sides or back door, can be directly noticed and get in touch with with these areas.

Model ZP-5B ZP-7B ZP-9B
module five seven nine
Max. pill dia. 18mm 18mm 18mm
Max.strain forty forty 40
Max. filling depth fifteen fifteen 15
Max. tablet thickness six six six
Disc velocity(r/min) thirty 30 30
Capcity (laptop/hr) 9000 12500 16000
Motor electrical power(KW) one.5 one.5 one.five
Dimension (mm) 450*460*950 450*460*950 450*460*950
Voltage 220/380 220/380 220/380
Excess weight 180 180 one hundred eighty

Dry Powder Press Machine for Making Tablet