Wholesale Customized Auto Seat Slide, Electric Adj factory ustabl manufacturer e Sliding 12 V Car Seat Slide Rail

Product Description

                     Wholesale CZPT ized auto seat slide, electric adjustable sliding 12 v car seat slide rail

       This Seat Slider Mounting Kit (non-tabbed) By Shapex allows for the adjustment of your racing seat’s
       position. Double locking mechanism increases slider stability for increased safety. Designed to mount
       between the seat side-mount bracket and floor of the vehicle.

       Auto seat slider is used on the seat in the auto, forklift, construction equipment, tractor, CZPT ,
       bulldozer etc.

      1, Flat moving from the CZPT to the rear.

      2, The stroke length from 0-220mm,  and it can be changed as per requirement.

      3, Double lock with handle 

      4, Can be mounted on the seat of a truck, car, CZPT ,etc 

      5, Installation dimension, CZPT size design.

      Material: 2mm steel  Surface treatment: black powder coating.

Color Black or CZPT ized color
Application Car Seat Rail
Stroke 0-220mm/Custom Length
Material Steel
Thickness 2mm
Surface Treatment black powder coating


SPCC,CRS,SPHC,SGCC,SECC,Iron, Steel,Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Aluminum,Alloy steel,Copper, etc

Material type

Steel plate, Profile steel, Square steel, Pipe, Tube, Bar, Wire


Design drawing as per your idea, produce as per your drawing.

Copy products as per your original sample.

File format

CAD,DWG,3D, Solidworks, PDF,JGP etc


Making mold CZPT , the CZPT er owns the mold

Manufacture process

Shearing, crimping, laser cutting, bending, fine blanking, stamping/pressing,

deep drawing, rolling, spinning, drilling, tapping, riveting, die casting,

wire-electrode cutting, Forming, other services as per your request


Laser welding, electrode arc welding, MIG/TIG, resistance welding, beam welding, Spot welding, Other welding processes as per your request


Powder Coating, electric-plating, anodizing, polishing, wire Drawing, electrophoresis, hot Dip Galvanized, etc.

Engraved logo

Engrave logo by laser, Engrave logo by stamping, etc

Valued service

Assembling, CZPT packing, other services you needed

    CZPT nical requirements:
    1. The slide rail card board should be able to slip into any gap of the sliding rail fixed part in the moving
    area without blocking the phenomenon;
    2. The unlocking force of sliding rail is 30~ 80N.
    3. Sliding rail sliding resistance ≤6.5 N;
    4. Internal and external rail transit clearance ≤ 0.2mm;
    5. Sliding rail locking force≥2000N;
    6. Surface treatment: spray (black flat light), no rust on the surface, scratches and other defects;
    7. After 5,000 sliding cycles of the slide track, the functions of the slide rail shall not be damaged;
    8. The total stroke of the slide is 140mm, which is 80mm forward and 60mm backward.

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