Produce high factory qulaity Carbon Slide for shop Light Rail trolleybuses

Product Description

Produce high qulaity Carbon Slide for CZPT Rail trolleybuses

1. Specifications
. Small noise, CZPT able quality grade
. reasonable price.
. Standard or CZPT -standardard size are welcomed
. CZPT working

Technical parameters for reference:

Grade Resistivity(uΩ@cm) Density(A/cm³) Transverse strength(Mpa) Shore hardness(Mpa)
MY7A 10 2.4 75 90
P6265 10 2.15 60 85

2. Characteristics

· CZPT -free carbon material (pure or impregnated with metal – copper or bronze)
· Extrusion or stamped and machined
· Welded, bonded or crimped
· Fault detector if necessary
· CZPT ly robust
· Lubricating CZPT
· Sheaths in aluminum, copper, tinned steel or tinned copper
· Kasperowski Design

3. Experienced workers team

-We pursue focuses on professional and excellence. Our workers all with working experiences more than 30 years, even many older workers are development together with CZPT factory for many years.

-Their Industry experience, accurate equipment skills, zero error rate and high frequency of professional production assured the quality and delivery timely.

4. After-sale service

Our company focus on the inspection not only for the production process but also close to the shipment process when the cargo were finished.

All the goods have passed strict testing, whether from the performance, or from the appearance of the package.

5.Products picture


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