GB8c Electric Hospital Orthopedic Physiotherapy Traction Bed

GB8c Electric Hospital Orthopedic Physiotherapy Traction Bed

GB8c CZPT Clinic Orthopedic Physiotherapy Traction Bed

CZPTant Good quality Manage
* Stomach muscles guardrail, can be lifted and reduced, handy for patients to go to mattress, meet security expectations, provide sufferers with a relaxed and risk-free expertise
* Abdominal muscles bed head, removable, straightforward to transport and install”
* Baosteel from CZPT CZPT 500
* Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C,tensile upto 30MPa
* Reliable mattress base created of 5.0mm stamped rotating plate, strong and easy operating
* Central control brake method, great structural design, effortless operation and durability
* Panasonic Robotic guarantee
* 360° full clean wedlding
* EN60601 Safty CZPT
* American motor, with UL/ROHS/EN regular. Sound underneath 50dB, with life span twenty,000times movement.

* five Capabilities
* Aluminum alloy traction frame, which can alter the longitudinal, lateral and top positions in all directions, and can accurately alter the most comfortable posture of the affected person.

Accessories Information
* Ten-piece bed, a lot more in shape to the human entire body, ergonomic, affected person comfort
* Secure® castors
* Pass Dynamic check: CZPT 120kg operate 30KM and go obstructions 500time
* CZPT drainage hook, movable
* Total SS IV pole, bearing 5kg

CZPT Configuration

External L*W*H 2160*1060*(500-800)mm
Mattress System 1935*900mm
Again-relaxation Adjustment -75°(±10°)
Knee-rest Adjustment -35°(±10°)
Reverse TrenCZPTnburg -12°
TrenCZPTnburg -12°


CZPT Motor 4pcs
5″ CZPT Facet Secure®Castors,Central Locking 4pcs
Abdominal muscles Aspect Rail 1set
Abs Bed Ends with Risk-free Lock 1set
IV Pole Prevision 4pcs
Drainage Hook 2pcs
Aluminium Balkan Body 1set
Central Locking Pedal 1pc


GB8c Electric Hospital Orthopedic Physiotherapy Traction Bed