Customized near me C factory opper Alloy Slide Rail for European Hot Strip Mill

Product Description

CZPT ized slide rails. Spare parts for hot strip mill.
Material: casting copper alloy, ZCuSn12Pb1 (G-CuSn12).
Exported to Germany.

Our company specializes in CZPT kinds of steel fabrication products/projects. We supply machines and steel fabrication products, according to CZPT ers’ drawings, including spiral welded pipe mill, straight welded pipe mill, steel rolling mill parts, mining equipments, and any type of steel frame/structure jobs. The most successful projects we have done so far includes: spiral welded pipe mill for South African client (including hydraulic & electrical control system), CZPT kinds of spare mechanical parts used in steel industry for German client, sand beneficiation machine (including hydraulic & electrical control system) for Australian client.

Scope of CZPT service includes: Welding, sandblasting, machining, assembly. We have certified and experienced welders. Machining is done by CZPT d CNC machines such as CNC lathe, CNC milling and boring machine, CNC machining center (Model: HTM-28G).

We have provided a lot of steel fabrication products to both domestic and foreign CZPT ers so far, including heavy trolley / geared motor unit / metallurgy machine frame / heavy gear rack etc for ZheJiang Bao Steel and other domestic CZPT ers, large diameter spiral & straight pipe welding production line parts / metallurgy machine frame etc for foreign CZPT ers.

Paint color and painting standard can be designated by CZPT er.
Packing: Sea worthy case or pallet made of fumigated wood or plywood.