3 Axis Gantry Xyz Linear Stage 100mm to 2500mm Customizable Ball Screw Linear Module Guid near me shop e Slide Rail fo price r 3D Printer

Product Description

3 Axis Gantry Xyz CZPT Stage 100mm to 2500mm CZPT izable Ball CZPT CZPT Module Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Slide Rail for 3d Printer

Quality Control
1. ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.
2. Self design and process hardware parts, ultra accuracy control and low defective rate.
3. Self built large factory buildings equipped with totally new assembly lines, control production time accurate to hours. 
4. Large scale lab room with professional machine testing system, well trained staff 360-degree inspection each machine before shipping.

Product Keywords

Easy to Equipped Good Price Quality Ratio Energy Saving

Products & Staff Pictures

1. Q: Your products looks nice, can I get a full product catalog with specification for study?
A: Yes, send your inquiry to TIAYO sales team.

2. Q: Can you tell me what is your company main business?
A: We mainly design and produce linear modules/actuators/motors by self, then provide CZPT and export service for overseas clients.

3. Q: Which CZPT enterprise use your machines?
A: In CZPT domestic, include BYD, Foxconn, LENS CZPT nology and CZPT /Apple/OPPO/VIVO etc. supply chain manufacturers are CZPT key account.

4. Q: If so, is it possible get sample machines before trial order?
A: Yes, mail your request details to TIAYO sales team, we can modify the 3D drawing, prepare one or pair of CZPT ized sample meet your special needs.

5. Q: CZPT , how CZPT is your lead-time?
A: 7 working days for sample prepare, 10-15 working days for large quantity order production. (Confirm each bill of international payment need extra 3 working days)

6. Q: Sounds good, how CZPT is the warranty period of your machines?
A: 12-months warranty is provided for CZPT linear modules/actuators/motors, strictly based on sales contract.

7. Q: Wow, I want to do business with your company, what kind of payment terms?
A: Sample order, trial order, repeat order, we accept T/T payment, 30% deposit when signing contract, rest amount pay before shipping. (L/C payment only CZPT for designated countries’ client)

8. Q: What is the best shipment way for your products?
A: For sample machines, the best delivery way is through airplane transport(or land transport), takes one week transfer to destination airport, for large quantity goods, the best shipping way is via ocean ship(or land transport), takes one month to destination port, FOB HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, ZheJiang or other main port in CZPT .